Viagra Professional: Extra strength medicine in a new and improved formula

Viagra Professional is a drug common in Australia for the treatment of weak erection also known as Erectile dysfunction.

The drug is manufactured to treat erectile dysfunction in men, particularly young men. For men who lack the ability to maintain a strong and active erection of the penis and can’t satisfy their wife or woman need this drug to maintain an active sexual lifestyle. Sexual satisfaction is a key factor in marriage and as such, lack of good sex can bring about a lot of issue in a relationship. The drug is similar to Viagra and which contain a major ingredient called Sildenafil.

Viagra professional work fast after intake and last for hours and increased performance.

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Unlike Viagra, Viagra professional work within the shortest possible time and have minimal side effects. It also last for several hours allowing for multiple sessions of sexual intercourse.


Viagra Professional work by blocking some certain enzyme, and which gives way for sufficient blood to flow through to the penis and which in turn provide a strong erection.

It’s advised to take just 100 mg (1 tablet) of Viagra professional, which is the recommended dosage. The drug can be taken 20 minutes before sexual intercourse, and should be used with water. It’s not advisable to take with alcohol. The dosage of the drug should not exceed 100mg/day. After intake, it can last for upto 8 hours in the body. Viagra professional is safe to use and help a lot in erective function.

It’s also important to eat good foods and exercise the body as it helps to fight all kind of diseases and sickness including erectile dysfunction as drug is just an alternative and a supportive means to a healthy lifestyle.


Just like any other drug in the market with side effects, Viagra professional has it own side effects. The side effects of Viagra professional is not so common and it’s generally friendly to many people. However some common side effects of the drug includes:

* Fatigue
* Swollen ankle
* Abnormal heartbeat
* Chest pain
* Dizziness
* Insufficient breath
* Numbness etc.

Anyone prone to heart attack or heart related diseases are advised not to use the drug. Most of the time, the side effects on lasts for a short time and goes on its own. Where the side effects stays usual than normal, the intervention of a medical practitioner should be sought.


The drug can be purchase from a local pharmacy as well as online. For those willing to purchase online have many options whereby they can order from the comfort of their home or office, and have it delivered at their doorstep. It’s also ease means of privacy Some websites to get Viagra professional from are;



Viagra professional is usually sold per pack and the price ranges depending on the store and some other factors. Generally, it’s sold between the rate of £40 – £50 per pack of 100mg (20 pills). The drug is available in many variants depending on one’s need.

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