10 new interesting ways to improve your sex life, don’t give up!

There are a number of problems to consider when thinking about the sexual performance of males. The endocrine system is a very important bodily involved in sex and plays a large role in arousal of the male. The amount of free testosterone versus bound testosterone in the blood stream is a very important factor. Bound testosterone is not a particularly useful biological form of testosterone for males. In males, free testosterone is the main sex hormone which not only drives development, but also plays a role in sex drive, otherwise known as libido.

What may cause low libido?

As male age, the amount of free testosterone decreases, while bound testosterone increases. As these free testosterone levels decrease over time, libido also begins to fall and the male slowly loses interest in sexual behavior with his partner. The male may feel tired or just completely disinterested in the idea of having sex.

You may recognize certain TV commercials which refer to “low T” and how it affects libido and sexual performance. Another common problem associated with male sexual problems is erectile dysfunction, or the inability to maintain an erection for adequate sexual activity. Erectile dysfunction can occur at two levels for males. Males may experience erectile dysfunction due to their psychological state.

Sex Drive Decrease Factors

High stress, depression, performance anxiety, and thoughts about relationship issues are all potential problems which could cause erectile dysfunction. That being said, there are also physiological problems associated with erectile dysfunction such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and heart disease. An erection is essentially maintained by blood flow to the penis, and if this flow is blocked in some capacity then an erection will not happen. Heart disease, specifically in regard to atherosclerosis, is a blocking of the artery due to plague build up caused by high cholesterol.

Damage to the inner lining of a blood vessel causes the formation of a plague which becomes bigger due to accumulation of LDL cholesterol. As this plague grows in size, the blood vessel will become more narrow and blood flow will be reduced to certain areas of the body. Obesity is another physiological problem which can cause erectile dysfunction. Obesity is associated with higher LDL cholesterol levels and heart disease, so therefore there is a strong link to erectile dysfunction for reason just explained. Obesity is also associated with type II diabetes, which overtime can cause damage to nerves and blood vessels due to poor blood sugar control. External/environmental factors may also cause erectile dysfunction leading to male sex problems. Smoking can cause erectile dysfunction because nicotine is a very powerful vasoconstrictor.

Constricting blood flow to peripheral parts of the body, specifically the penis, will result in weaker to no erections. External chemicals entering the bloodstream whether voluntary put into the body or not, have the capacity to damage the inner lining of blood vessels leading to plague formation and decreased blood flow to the penis.

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